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Clifford: DSM50BT SmartStart Bluetooth Module

To make full use of the powerful Clifford SmartStart App, you need to have the Clifford SmartStart hardware installed in your car. There are a couple of options:
1. Purchase a Clifford SmartStart Module and combine it with a compatible Clifford system (new or already installed).
2. Purchase a complete Clifford SmartStart System.


CLIFFORD-DSM50BT-BLUETOOTH-MODULE image from london car alarm co website
Product Features
The new Directed SmartStart Bluetooth Module (VSM50BT) connects your vehicle and smartphone with Bluetooth® technology, allowing you to control your car via the Directed SmartStart app. Here’s how it works: as you approach your car, the Bluetooth system in your phone connects with the VSM50BT module automatically. When you open the Directed SmartStart app, it detects the Bluetooth connection and automatically executes your commands instantly.
Bluetooth feature requires DSM50BT module and DSM250 Smartstart to be installed in your car.
Bluetooth feature does not require a SmartStart service plan.
Click HERE to download the Clifford SmartStart for iPhone App
Click HERE to download the Clifford SmartStart for Android Phones App
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