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What's new in Cifford SmartStart 3.0?


Introducing the Cloud-Connected Car with features like:

smart, control , locate your car from virtually anywhere with your smartphone

  Part weatherman, part mind reader.   clifford smartstart supplied and fitted by london car alarm co
  Vehicle Status  
  Know when your vehicle is running, armed, locked and more.  
  Auxiliary Channels  
  Customize your SmartStart experience. Control windows and more.  
  Bluetooth Technology  
  New, low-cost solution for controlling your car with your smartphone.  
  Power User Mode  
  Get to the Clifford SmartStart home screen even faster.    
smart start Car Control screen flat copy
  Vehicle Diagnostics*  
  Know the health of your car from the cloud. DTC codes, right on your
smartphone. (* for some vehicles)
  D2D Functionality  
  Giving installers new easy install options and innovative features.  

What is Clifford SmartStart?

  Now you can remote start, lock and unlock your car just by pushing a button on your smartphone; using the Clifford SmartStart App from Directed, the leader in vehicle security and remote start. The simple graphical interface gives you control over the following features of your installed Viper remote start or security with remote start system:
bullet Lock / Arm bullet Panic
bullet Unlock / Disarm bullet Aux Channels
bullet Remote Car Starter bullet You can also control multiple vehicles great for families! and assign
bullet Trunk Release bullet more than one user to control a vehicle. It's easy with SmartStart!
  But, this is only the beginning! Clifford SmartStart is loaded with additional features including GPS tracking, SmartSchedule, vehicle status, roadside assistance, home control, parked car finder and more.
  3.0 enables a "Cloud-Connected Car" like never before, providing an entirely new level of 2-way interaction with your vehicle. Connectivity is managed through the Directed Cloud Services (DCS) network linking car, app, end user, and the Internet.

What are the requirements for SmartStart?

1 A compatible iOS, Android or BlackBerry device.    
2 The Clifford/Directed SmartStart app - downloaded to your device.    
3 A complete Clifford/Directed SmartStart system, or a clifford/Directed SmartStart module added to a compatible remote start or security with remote start system.    
4 A SmartStart service plan.    
bullet iOS: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.    
bullet Android: SDK 1.6 or newer.    
bullet BlackBerry: OS 4.5 to 6.    
bullet SmartStart GPS is not available on BlackBerry devices at this time.    









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