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Scorpion BK 1023SGC Alarm


Scorpion bk1023sgc car alarm viewed on the london car alarm website


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bullet Thatcham category H2-H1 alarm system, providing perimeter and ultrasonic interior protection
bullet Supplied with 2 x two button radio keys, self powered siren and bi-colour status LED
bullet The system has full, in-built, CDL control to power/switch a vehicle’s CDL system
bullet Auxiliary siren, armed accessory and total closure


Security Features
bullet 2 x two button radio keys (programmable, water and shock resistant with random 66-bit encryption to prevent scanning and code grabbing. Lost or stolen radio keys can be programmed out)
bullet One black touch key for general use and 1 red touch key for coding in new TK1073BLK keys and remote controls
bullet Perimeter protection circuit for doors and front access flap (negative input)
bullet Perimeter protection circuit for doors (positive or negative input)
bullet Closed loop protection circuit for the installation of a roller shutter contact
bullet Ultrasonic interior protection
bullet Manual arm, using the radio key (or programmable auto
bullet arm, which automatically arms the system 240 seconds after the ignition is switched off or 60 seconds after the ignition is switched off and the last door is shut
bullet Secure data linked, self powered siren included
bullet Auto re-arm can be programmed to re-arm the system if a door is not opened within 60 seconds of disarming the system


Convenience Features
bullet Full central door locking/unlocking
bullet Armed output (negative 200mA max)
bullet Additional siren/pager output (negative 200mA max)
bullet Secure touch key override
bullet Silent arm and disarm (audible bleeps can be programmed back on, however this will breach current legislation if switched on)
bullet Sensors excludable remotely using the two button radio key or a push button


Personal Safety Features
bullet Panic feature switched using the radio key and an optional internal button
  BK1023SGC Box Contents
  Qty  Description
bullet 1     ECU
bullet 2     Remote control
bullet 1     Black touch key
bullet 1     Red touch key
bullet 1     Bi-colour LED
bullet 1     Self-powered siren
bullet 2     Ultrasonic sensors
bullet 1     Ultrasonic module
bullet 1     Touch key receptacle
bullet 1     1023R wiring harness

Optional Accessories
bullet Roller shutter door contacts
bullet Door mounted contacts
bullet 360° dual tech sensors
  Quality and Approvals
bullet Thatcham “Category H2-H1” approved for heavy goods vehicles:TUH1-130/0899
EU 95/56 directive (security) and EU 95/54 directive (electrical) – “e” marked
bullet Two year warranty





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