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Scorpion BK 1033SGD Alarm


Scorpion bk1033sgd  24 volt car alarm viewed on the london car alarm website



  • Thatcham category H 2 immobiliser but must be used with the SA1043HB coded handbrake valve to obtain Thatcham accreditation. This system can be used without the handbrake valve for a none Thatcham approved installation
  • Supplied with a bi-coloured status LED
  • Supplied with two remote controls
  • Supplied with two touch keys (one red master tag and one black tag)

Security Features

  • Two engine cuts; one is normally open and one is normally closed
  • One positive timed engine shutdown output (normally used for older vehicles)
  • Secure coded link output used for optional coded handbrake valve
  • Randomly encrypted remote controls and touch keys
  • Bi-coloured LED
  • Indicator flash on set and unset (fused input)
  • Positive or negative central locking activation (200mA max)

Convenience Features

  • Secure remote and touch key override
  • Arm/disarm indicator flash
  • Passive/automatic re-arm
  • Bi-Colour LED
  • Can be used with the BK1023SGA alarm to provide an alarm upgrade (none Thatcham) or with the BK1023SGA alarm and the SA1043HB to provide a full H1 Thatcham alarm
  • Positive or negative central door locking activation. The unit will not drive a separate motor without additional relays

BK1033SGD Box Contents

Qty  Description
1     ECU
1     Bi-Colour LED
1     1023SGD loom
2     Remote control
1     Red touch key
1     Black touch key
1     Touch key receptacle

Optional Accessories

Coded handbrake valve
Alarm Upgrade

Quality and Approvals

Thatcham “Category H2” approved for heavy goods vehicles only when fitted with the SA1043 coded handbrake valve or H1 approved when used in conjunction with the SA1043HB coded handbrake valve and the BK1023SGA alarm upgrade
Thatcham approval number of the H2 system only:                                                THE1-40/0198
EU 95/56 directive (security) and EU 95/54 directive (electrical) - “e” marked
Two year warranty






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