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Scorpion SA30 Alarm


Scorpion sa30 car alarm viewed on the london car alarm website


Best Price

  • Alarm system, providing perimeter and ultrasonic interior protection with a PIN override
  • Supplied with 2 x four button radio keys, a siren, a status LED and ultrasonic protection
  • The system has full, in-built full 6 wire CDL control to power/switch a vehicle’s CDL system
  • Auxiliary siren, armed accessory and total closure outputs

Security Features

  • 2 x four button radio keys (programmable, water and shock resistant with random 66-bit encryption to prevent scanning and code grabbing. Lost or stolen radio keys can be programmed out)
  • Perimeter protection circuit for doors and bonnet
  • Accessory inputs and outputs
  • Ultrasonic interior protection de-selectable via the radio keys
  • Manual arm using the radio key 
  • Passive arming of the immobiliser or the alarm/immobiliser together
  • Auto re-arming of the immobiliser or the alarm/immobiliser together
  • Last door arming
  • Panic facility
  • Built in shock sensor
  • Siren included
  • Status LED
  • PIN override standard
  • Boot release from handset (negative controlled)

Convenience Features

  • Full central door locking/unlocking
  • Armed output (negative 200mA max)
  • Additional siren/pager output (negative 200mA max)
  • Secure PIN override
  • Silent arm and disarm selectable from the radio key
  • Sensors can be excluded via the radio key
  • Panic facility

Personal Safety Features
Panic feature switched using the radio key

SA30 Box Contents

Qty    Description
1       ECU
1       Siren
1       Wiring loom
2       Radio keys
2      Window stickers
1      Ultrasonic kit
1      Alarm fixing kit

Optional Accessories
Battery back up siren
360° Dual tech sensor
Microwave sensor
Floor mounted reed/magnet
2 window closer unit
A self-powered siren

Quality and Approvals
EU 95/56 directive (security) and EU 95/54 directive (electrical) - “e” marked 
Two year warranty






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