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ScorpionTrack Fleet's innovative technology is helping to drive fleets forward, whether you have a fleet of 5 or 500. The ScorpionTrack Fleet system allows you to manage vehicles and drivers with precision, and increase productivity while saving time and money.

  Our unique 'plug and track' technology makes the vehicle installation procedure fast and simple, for both dealerships and fleet managers, its easy to see why ScorpionTrack Fleet is the correct choice for your business.
  With subscription costs equivalent to just 20p/day for each vehicle in your workforce - ScorpionTrack Fleet offers the most affordable yet high quality system on the market today.
  Why Choose ScorpionTrack Fleet?
bullet 100% web based, no installation, no downloads and guaranteed reliability
bullet Innovative, industry leading fleet management technology
bullet High quality yet affordable (20p/day per vehicle*) system
bullet Simple installation with unique 'plug and track' technology
bullet Manage drivers and vehicles with precision
bullet Increase productivity, save time and money
bullet Complex tracking solutions to meet your business needs
bullet Access to real-time KPIs and dashboards
bullet Decrease fleet running costs, increase profit and workforce efficiency
bullet Reduce carbon footprint and promote environmental sustainability
bullet Online context sensitive help
  From Scorpion Automotive, a trusted brand established in vehicle security since 1973.
  ScorpionTrack Key Features
bullet Live map with vehicle position updates in near real-time (at least once a minute)
bullet Reports with vehicle position data in real-time (every ten seconds)
bullet Highly customisable dashboard with KPI graphs
bullet Flexible vehicle groups, assign vehicles to multiple groups
bullet Highly customisable, powerful and intuitive reporting and report scheduling
bullet View reports online or export to HTML, PDF or Excel for further processing
bullet Add a flag to any journey or event in a generated report for later perusal
bullet Receive scheduled reports by email
bullet Highly customisable, powerful and intuitive alert system
bullet Highly customisable, and extensive geofence system,
bullet including either circular or polygon (any shape) geofences
bullet Receive alerts by email, text message or both - 24/7
bullet Alerts displayed in real-time on live map with audio notification
bullet Unique driver login allowing drivers to manage their own mileage
bullet Unique driver comparison allowing drivers to compare KPI statistics against other drivers promoting
  driver efficiency and safety
bullet Powerful permission controlled user access
bullet Comprehensive user activity log
bullet No more tutorial fees - simple and easy to understand online context sensitive help
bullet Much much more!



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