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Scorpion Nightguard Caravan Security System


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An alarm accessory pack which allows you to
upgrade the SCA-VANSAFE security system

Supplied with 1 x MPST (Wireless magnetic door or
compartment locker switch) along with a URFI
(Universal radio frequency interface) receiver


Security Features

The accessory pack allows you to part arm the system allowing the RF PIR
sensor to be temporarily switched off whilst still providing protection to any
doors or lockers which have a MPST switch installed, as well as still
maintaining the key function of a panic facility.


Convenience Features

Part arming of the system allows you to both sleep and move around in the
caravan whilst perimeter protection is maintained on the caravan resulting
in both piece of mind and system functionality

Any external door or compartment locker can be protected with a magnetic
door contact switch and up to a maximum of 4 switches (Additional switches
can be purchased individually) can be coded with the URFI as included with
this accessory pack.


Personal Safety Features

This accessory kit offers the opportunity to leave perimeter protection on
the caravan whilst you are inside it, as opposed to having the system in a
disarmed state when the caravan is in use.

The addition of the NIGHTGUARD security pack also provides you with
the ability to utilise the panic facility irrelevant to whether the security system
is in either a full armed or part armed state


Qty Description

1 URFI receiver

1 MPST magnetic wireless door / locker contact complete with a battery

1 Combined installation & programming instructions for both the MPST
and the URFI - Which includes instructions on how to re-programme the
RF PIR from the existing SCA-VANSAFE security system to the URFI


Quality and Approvals
URFI e-approval number





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