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Scorpion Textalert Caravan Security System


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The SCA-TEXTALERT will send a text message to
your mobile phone via the Global system for mobile
communication (GSM) network whenever the
SCACARAVAN security system is triggered

Supplied with a Text Alert ECU and a plug and play
wiring loom

Security Features
The Text Alert provides you with a monitoring solution for the SCAVANSAFE
alarm system. The Text Alert will send a text message to the
host mobile phone whenever the security system is triggered.

Convenience Features
Total piece of mind when you are away from the caravan, as you will
Always know what state the security system is in.

The Text Alert accessory pack also monitors the status of the leisure
battery, and if this supply ever fails or drops below the 10V threshold,
a warning message will once again be sent to the host mobile phone
informing you "ALERT! Low Battery".

The product has a very low current draw, which results in the caravan
security system providing protection to the caravan for longer periods
of time without the leisure battery discharging on the caravan

The Text Alert can be paired with only one mobile phone at any one time,
but this can be changed at any time if the customer ever wishes to upgrade
their mobile phone

The product uses a Pay As You Go SIM card, which is associated with a
Top Up card, which can be used at a whole host of top up points across the UK.

Qty Description

1 Text Alert ECU
1 GSM Aerial
1 SCA-TEXT ACC PK plug and play wiring loom
1 All the necessary paperwork to install, register & use the Text Alert system
1 Text Alert quick reference card
1 Orange Top Up card






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