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Scorpion Vansafe Caravan Security System


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Security Features
2 x two button radio keys (programmable, water and shock resistant with
random 66-bit encryption to prevent scanning and code grabbing. Lost or
stolen radio keys can be programmed out)

1 x touch key override (coded touch key, programmable, water shock
resistant, lost or stolen touch keys can be programmed out)

 Secure PIN code override, allows coding of radio keys and touch
keys by entering the correct PIN Code

Interior protection provided by an infra-red sensor

Battery back-up protection up to 14 days on a fully charged battery

Trailer socket protection, if the trailer socket is connected/disconnected
the alarm if armed, will trigger

Anti-lift detection prevents the raising of the protected caravan steady leg
if the alarm is armed, will trigger the alarm system

Optional GSM pager alerts the owner of the caravan of any alarm
conditions that occur, with a text message to the owner's mobile phone.
The GSM pager also has the ability to locate the caravan, should it be stolen,through a web based tracking service (a subscription is required for this facility)

Optional closed loop protection circuit (looped wire to protect accessories,trailers, bike racks etc)

Optional nightguard pack provides door protection via a magnetic door contact, this allows perimeter protection when the infra-red sensor is disabled

Convenience Features
Radio key operated

light illumination on disarming the alarm system

Battery back-up battery powers the alarm system for up to 14 days,
if the leisure battery is disconnected

Infra-red sensor can be disabled for one armed period, allowing
the alarm to be armed whilst still occupied

Secure ignition PIN override

Panic facility via the radio key

Personal Safety Features
Panic facility via the radio key

SCA- VANSAFE Box Contents

Qty Description
1 Metal connector/relay cover and anti-tamper screws
1 Metal enclosure to protect ECU
2 Radio keys
1 Touch key override
12 Fixing screws
1 Alarm installation wiring loom
1 Receptacle with inbuilt LED
1 Siren
1 Siren vent
1 Infra-red sensor
1 ALCD anti-lift and trailer socket connection/disconnection sensor
1 Installation guide
1 Operating instructions
1 PIN sticker
2 SCA-VANSAFE window stickers

Optional Accessories

SCA Nightguard - MPST Wireless Door Contact sensor and
URFI, provides perimeter detection whilst allowing theinterior
protection to be isolated

MPST - Additional Wireless Door Contact

SCA-TEXTALERT - GSM Pager alerts the owner of any alarm
condition that may occur, we recommend this is purchased

in conjunction with a SWB-SCA (Which recreates an ignition
supply to the TEXTALERT)

Quality and Approvals
EU 95/56 directive (security) and EU 95/54 directive
(electrical) - “e” marked
One year warranty



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