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HA 260RS


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Military grade (anti scan/grabber) random encryption remote controls - Our remote controls uses military KEELOQ technology up to 350 million codes. This protects against "grabbing" as the Radio key uses a diffrent code each time the system is set and unset. Not to be confused with code learning, it only allows you to program new remote control.

Super Code Protection - Your personal Remote Control Transmitter code is one in 4.3 billion. Duplication is virtually impossible.


Anti Temper Technology - Built in unique patent pending technology, nearly all vehicle alarms can be disarmed within seconds, with our technology it is impossible to do so.


Starter Immobiliser -  A heavy duty immobiliser stops the vehicle from being driven away. Our system disable the vehicle's electrical system and engine.


Remote Engine Start-up - Lets you start your engine up from a distance. This is suitable for all vehicles including petrol and diesels as well as manual and automatics. (This feature is an optional extra and incurs a greater cost)


Auto rearming -   When alarm disarmed, if ignition is not turned ON / doors are not opened,30 seconds later, system will automatically rearmed.


Automatic Rearm after Trip Cycle -  If alarm is tripped, siren sounds for 30 seconds, then siren stops and system rearms itself. If thief returns to try again, he returns to armed Vehicle.


Current Sensor -  Prevents hotwiring. Hotwiring is the process of bypassing vehicle ignition interlock and thus starting it without the key. Other alarms connect purely to the ignition and are very easily bypassed by vehicle thieves.


Silent Arm/Disarm - You can choose to eliminate arm/disarm "chirps" and rely on flashing indicator lights for visual arm/disarm confirmation, letting you keep a quiet neighborhood quiet.


Secure Code Learning -  You can program system on the spot to learn up to four new transmitter codes should original transmitter be lost or stolen. Since new codes don't have to be specialy ordered, your vehicle won't go unprotected. When new code is learned, it obsoletes old code.


Multi-function LED - Ultra bright blue 3D LED status indicator. Indicates when the system is in the armed, disarmed.


Alarm Memory -  Tells you whether vehicle has been violated with series of "chirps" when disarming the system . Allows you to check for possible tampering with the vehicle.


Digital Dual Zone  shock sensor -  Fully adjustable shock sensivity (it does not depend on rubber bands to work,it is not sensitive to temperature or age). 100 times more sensative than typical magnetic sensor.


EEPROM for memory backup -  The alarm will memorise the condition before the power is cut off, e.g. if alarm power is cut off, system will remember whether it was armed or not. If system was armed, when thief turns on motor vehicle, alarm will sound and immobilise the vehicle.


Emergency Secure Override -  Allows you to disarm the system should your Remote Control Transmitter be lost, so you won't be stranded with an immobile Motor vehicle.  Other makes of alarm, you have to rip it out of the vehicle, leaving your vehicle unsecure.


Anti-Hijacking control - Cut out your engine from a distance in the event of thieft.


Car Finder / Panic - Your Vehicle will bleep and flash making it easier to locate your bike in crowded parking areas.


Ultrasonic Sensors  -  Internal Ultrasonic Sensors protect the interior of the vehicle, any intrusion triggering the alarm system. (MIcrowave sensor is only suitable for convertible cars)


Intelligent 125db Battery Backup Siren - Our siren has got its own Ni-Cad battery with built in charger, which allows the alram to continue to sound even if the car battery is disconncted.


UK Legal (DTI Approved) - HAWK® HA-260RS alarm is fitted with built in SAW device, is approved by DTI for use in United Kingdom or Europe. The maximum penalty for using non DTI approved wireless remote alarm, unlimited fine and/ or two years imprisonment, plus forfeiture. Many of our competitors selling non DTI approved alarm system. Look out for DTI approval comes with the product.   If non approved product fitted, it may invalidate your insurance.  If DTI approval missing report to Trading Standard or Ebay for selling unapproved illegal or potentially dangerous product.   Are you willing to take chance for sake of few pence ?


Don't be a victim. You cannot expect anyone else to protect your Vehicle. You must take the responsibility by installing security that will deter, delay and defeat the determined thief. Make sure your alarm uses Random encryption code remote controls like HAWK® HA-260RS using Microchip HCS301 microprocessor, if remote controls codes are not encrypted; any one with cheap scanner from Maplin or Laptop with suitable software can grab your remote control keycode and drive away without any key. Beware of fraudulent traders falsely claiming their alarm system is Random coded or contains millions of codes.


Product Features

    • Brand new sealed with 1 year manufacturer warranty
    • Remote engine start
    • 2  Carbon coated Remote controls 
    • Boot & bonnet protection
    • Flashes hazard lights
    • Low current consumption
    • Personal panic attack controlled from remote
    • Siren silencing
    • One time silent arm/disarm (via remote)
    • Fail safe design
    • Universal central door locking (15amp door lock relays built in) 
    • Ultrasonic interior protection (It is possible to disconnect the sensor temporarily when leaving children or pets in the car).
    • Digital dual stage shock sensor (It is possible to disconnect the sensor temporarily when leaving children or pets in the car.)
    • Automatic door lock / unlock when ignition on /off
    • Auto re-arm
    • Anti-car jacking
    • Anti-tamper circuit 
    • Engine immobiliser
    • False alarm monitoring
    • System malfunction warning
    • Automatic malfunction bypass
    • Automatic power window closure*
    • Remote power window opener*
    • Boot release via remote*
    • Alarm memory
    • Check status 3D LED
    • Car finder
    • Emergency disarming override
    • 125db high power Latest Technology battery backup micro siren
    • Genuine E mark, FCC & DTI approved
    • UK designed product from 20 years of manufacturing quality security products

This system will work on all passanger cars, vans and MPVs with automatic AND manual transmissions, petrol or diesel (special warm up function).



You will get the following:

  • 1 x Alarm unit with LOOM & 3D LED
  • 2 x  Carbon coated remotes With Batteries
  • 1x Ultrasonic Unit 
  • 1x Digital dual stage shock sensor
  • 2 x HAWK® Security Window Stickers 
  • 1 x User Manual & Fitting instructions
  • 1 x  Battery back up siren
  • Various cables,  key ring & chain



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