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Novero The Trusty One



Product Description

There are plenty of car-kits out there, made by companies that think great technology is complex technology, packed with special features youíll never use. But we believe in simplicity, convenience and safety on the road. Thatís why we created TheTrustyOne, the universal Bluetooth display car kit thatís easy to use, with all the features you need to make and receive calls on the move, and nothing more. Simple to set up, TheTrustyOne synchs effortlessly with all major Bluetooth phones, giving you access to all the features you need when youíre on the road. Itís easy to install; an attractive addition to almost any interior, and to make sure it fits, it comes with a full package of installation training, guidelines and hotline support.

Complicated features are a dangerous distraction, so TheTrulyOne is a masterpiece in simplicity. With an intuitive remote, you can flick through your phone book with ease. Whatís more, TheTrustyOne works with your mobile phoneís voice activated functions and supports voice-dialling

Quality is key, so if youíre phoning a friend TheTrustyOne sounds great. It works through your car stereo speakers, and has the latest in echo cancellation and noise reduction technology. It comes with an adjustable microphone, so you can move it around to suit your height, your carís interior or the position of your seat. And finally, all of this is encased in stylish novero design. So with simplicity at the heart of its design, itís safe to say that TheTrustyOne is everything you need to make and receive calls on the road.

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Technical Data

Cancellation and noise reduction technology, so all conversations are crystal clear. (internal mute relays, DIN/ISO harness, and the latest EC/NR algorithms)
Adjustable microphone to fit any driver, in any car interior, with the seat in any position.
Intuitive and easy to use; the remote control and monochrome display screen are designed for minimal distraction whilst you drive.
Works with your mobile phoneís voice activated functions, from simple voice-dialling to voice-controlled SMS and email, all activated with a click of the button.
easy to set up
Compatible with all major Bluetooth phones
Fits attractively in almost all car interiors.
Comes with a professional package of installation training, guidelines and hotline support.
Stay up to speed with online software updates via USB.
Modern, stylish novero design.









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