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Viper 460 VX


Viper 460 VX
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This best-selling Uk Thatcham Category Approved from Viper is a highly advanced 1-way Security. Viper security system will wrap your vehicle in protection, with the most sophisticated electronic technologies available today, including Ulrasonic sensor, six-tone siren and FailsafeŽ Starter Kil and ignition kill. This state-of-the-art system also offers in-demand convenience feature like keyless entry. Please refer to the technology section for more information about security technologies used in this security system..


Two 4 button Remotes
Sensor Option (Ultrasonics)
Remote sensor Bypass
User/installer Program
Low battery Indicator
Remote Siren Silencing
Remote Panic

Smart Locking (w/Panic)

6 Programmable Channel Aux Outputs
Accessories output  autoactivate
Accessories outputs with latch, timed and momentary timers
Dual park light relay
Coded 4 Pin valet Switch
Smart trunk (accessories output)
Smart auto testing
Auto bypass (trigger)
Auto arming
Event total recall
Turbo timer (accessories output)
Battery Backup Siren with Data-link and 6-tone capability
Dual Point Immobiliser
Remote Dome Supervision
Aux Out For Remote Headlights
Full Onboard Door lock Relays
Double Pulse Unlock
Double Pulse Lock
Second Unlock Output
Anti-Code Grabbing Technology
Zones-total recall
Bright Blue LED Status Indicator
Dome Light Supervision
Total Closure capability


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