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Viper 500 XV


viper 500 vx 2 way remote


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This Colour OLED Responder System from Viper is the most sophisticated 2-way Colour Security in the world! The interactive display on your Colour Responder remote confirms all commands – virtually instantly – with easy to understand icons and animations. It alerts users to security system triggers by beeping when out of audible range of the siren.




Includes One 2 way Colour Responder Transceiver
Plus One 4 button Remote
Sensor Option (Ultrasonics)
Remote sensor Bypass
User/installer Program
Low battery Indicator
Remote Siren Silencing
Remote Panic

Smart Locking (w/Panic)

6 Programmable Channel Aux Outputs
Accessories output  autoactivate
Accessories outputs with latch, timed and momentary timers
Dual park light relay
Coded 4 Pin valet Switch
Smart trunk (accessories output)
Smart auto testing
Auto bypass (trigger)
Auto arming
Event total recall
Turbo timer (accessories output)
Confirms commands and triggers on the transceiver LCD screen
Battery Backup Siren with Data-link and 6-tone capability
Dual Point Immobiliser
Remote Dome Supervision
Aux Out For Remote Headlights
Full Onboard Door lock Relays
Double Pulse Unlock
Double Pulse Lock
Second Unlock Output
Anti-Code Grabbing Technology
Zones-total recall
Bright Blue LED Status Indicator
Dome Light Supervision
Total Closure capability



viper 500vx remote control




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