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Avital Maxx 1


Avital Maxx 1
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Avital Maxx 1 Thatcham evaluated category 1, one 4 button and one 2 button glow in the dark remote controls, door/boot/bonnet protection, two point immobiliser, battery back up siren, ultrasonic interior protection with bypass, LED, valet/programming 4 digit PIN stealth switch, interior light illumination upon disarm, central door locking control, channel outputs for optional accessories, built in timer (for vehicles with total closure), trigger zone identification, remote silent arm/disarm




Thatcham approved Category 1

2 Aviglo 4 Button Remote Controls
Includes 2 Immobilisation Circuits
2 Channel Remote Security
User/installer Program
Aux Channel
Auto arming
Event total recall
Clone safe
Code hopping
Stealth coding technology
Parking light flash
Ultrasonic Sensors
Multiplex optional sensor input
Battery Backup siren
Secure 4 Digit Pin Code Overide
Active/passive arming
Silent mode
Remote locking (Low Neg)
Double pulse locking
Double pulse unlock
LED system status indicator
Interior light illumination*
Comfort closure*
Limited lifetime warranty
Ultrasonic sensors
Optional Dual zone proxi
Optional Tilt and motion sensor
Optional Headlight activation
Optional Window lifting
Optional Boot release





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