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Autowatch 650 Caravan Alarm


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The Autowatch 650 Security Systemis is really simple to use and designed to give you years of trouble free operation. Made with the highest quality components and using state of the art technology you can be assured that your caravan is well protected




Sold Secure
Encrypted Remote Control-4 Button
Touch -key override
Wired P.I.R. (Wireless P.I.R Optional)
Wired Leg sensor (Wireless Leg Sensor Optional)
Security Features
Light Flashing LED
Remote Panic Alarm Facility
Instant Alarm Trigger
Alarm System Battery Back-up
Pager Output (neg out)
Anti tamper Security Housing
Convenience Features
Temppory inner Zone Sensor Exclusion
Silent Arm / Disarm Via Remote
Awning / Courtesy Light Illumination
Low battery Indication of Main Battery
Low battery Indication of Battery back-up
False Alarm Nuisance Prevention
Rapid Test Mode for Installers




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