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Autowatch 695 Can Alarm


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With the advance of vehicle electronics, Controller-Area Network (CAN or CAN bus) has become a standard that is uniform to all new vehicles. Manufacturers of electronic accessories have had to adapt to this changing environment. PFK Electronics has designed the 695 CAN, an innovative solution to both read and write to the CAN bus. This technology has dramatically reduced the time and effort normally associated with a car alarm installation and has provided the opportunity for a quick and easy alarm upgrade to the vehicles existing security.
The 695 CAN offers the same high standards of security, quality and performance that our customers have become accustomed to with the Autowatch brand. The following features are integrated in the design to add value to the customers existing security.
The 695 CAN includes a smart ultrasonic sensor that digitally adjusts to optimise functionality no matter what the interior environment of the vehicle is. It has a small digital compact battery backed up siren that has designed logic which enables it to be safely managed without the inconvenience of additional keys.To differentiate the 695 CAN, our design team has incorporated an efficient decoder that allows the vehicle to be recognised by the 695 CAN on installation. The unit is programmed to automatically lock on to the right code set from its embedded master files within its software.



Optional extras include:
Remotes (dependant on the specific CAN bus configuration)
Glass Break sensor
Dual zone shock sensor
Wireless door read sensors
Wireless PIR sensors
Boot release
Window closure




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