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Falcon Predator Canbus


The Falcon Predator CAN-bus alarm uses the vehicle manufacturers remote control key to arm and disarm the alarm via the vehicles digital CAN-bus communication system - just lock the doors as normal and the alarm will be armed.

Please note some vehicles, notably Citroen, Fiat, Peugeot will require the alarm function to be turned on in the cars ECU by the dealer. The dealer may charge for this service.

Falcon Predator Canbus Car Alarm Security System


Alarm system for vehicles that already have remote central locking and CAN-bus wiring
Compatible with 1 & 2 wire CANbus systems
Upgradeable firmware for maximum compatibility
Includes Loud 118dB six tone siren
Operates from vehicles original remote control keys
Includes dual stage shock sensor with warn away
Second sensor port for single or dual zone sensors
Silent Arm/Disarm Option
Total Closure Facility (closes windows on vehicles with total closure)
Output for separate window closure for vehicles without total closure
Engine immobiliser
Bypass input - temporarily disables shock sensor and ignition input
Passive Arming arms alarm automatically (programmable option)
Flashing Hazard Lights on arm/disarm/activation
Temporary sensor bypass
Valet mode to disable alarm functions
Auto re-arm prevents accidental disarming (programmable option)
High intensity blue Smart dashboard status LED
Arm condition memory
Defective Zone Bypass prevents false alarms
Secure emergency override facility
Door/boot/bonnet protection







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