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Predator XL3


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The Falcon Predator XL2 is a remote control operated vehicle security system with multiple methods of protection. The built in total closure central locking interface allows the alarm to be connected to the vehicles existing central locking (where fitted) enabling the doors to be locked and unlocked (and electric windows/sunroof closed if vehicle has total closure) as the alarm is armed and disarmed. The Predator comes complete with a very loud two tone electronic siren, a dual stage shock sensor, door protection, flashing hazard lights and offers many optional security and convenience features.



Two x 4 Button Remote Controls with blue LEDs
Remote Locking
Unlock drivers door separately if desired
Total Closure Facility (dependent)
Pager output
Passive Arming & Passive Locking
Audble arm/disarm chirps
Silent Arm/Disarm Option
Flashing hazard lights on alarm activation
Flashing high intensity blue LED
Automatic Re-Arm
Ignition Lock/Unlock
Arm condition memory
Intrusion indication
Emergency Overide
Valet Mode
Very Loud 6 tone Siren



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