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Sola-larm SLA 835 T






Introducing the All New Sola-larm 835T, Thatcham Accredited Motorcycle Security System. Sola Track, using their vast experience and knowledge are taking motorcycle security and convenience to the next level. The 835T, arguably the smallest control unit and siren within motorcycle security, uses state-of-the-art technology to provide the ultimate in security whilst maintaining flexibility and ease of use to satisfy all user demands. A waterproof one piece housing incorporates the solid state tilt and shock sensors to monitoring possible movement in any possible direction. Ultra low current draw via timed sleep modes ensures the system is not a drain on the motorcycles battery. Additional inputs and a high quality micro-switch are included to provide further security cover. An ultra bright blue LED indicates the alarm status. The LED can be flush mounted or using the supplied housing, surface mounted. The 835T is the complete package offering exceptional security, reliability and convenience.......


Insurance approved Thatcham Category 1.
12v alarm with dual immobilisation.
Two encrypted remote control key fobs.
Battery back up.
Selectable active or passive alarm arming.
Integral shock sensor and tilt switch.
Selectable arming chirp / no chirp.
Hazard light flash.
Ignition sensing to prevent hot wiring.
Current draw 5mA, 3mA immobilisation only.
Two year back to base warranty
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