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Parrot CK 3000


It takes less than an hour for your local mechanic to mount the Parrot EVOLUTION : electronic box, microphone, keypad. There are no apparent wires. Once installed, just turn on the engine and you are immediately connected to your phone.

Even by leaving the mobile phone in his bag, with his Parrot EVOLUTION, the driver dictates a name and is immediately connected to his correspondent.

Falcon Predator Canbus Car Alarm Security System

Advanced Features
Works with all Bluetooth® phones
Voice recognition dialer
Uses the car speakers
Easy to install and to use
Discreet and elegant design

Contents of the package
Power cable
Electronic Box
Mute cable

Advanced Features
Menu vocal
Languages available: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Czech.
Voice recognition dialing
Redial function
Auto connect on incoming call*
Volume control
Multi-user, pairing up to three phones

Signal treatment
Full Duplex conversation
Noise reduction
Voice recognition up to 200 names

Bluetooth® Functions
Headset Profile
Handsfree 0.96 Profile
Handsfree 1.0 Profile
Phonebook Synchronization Profile *
Object push
*Applicable for some phones, contact us for more information : support technique







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