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Directed DEI 2102T Passive Keyless Entry System


directed pke 2102t image

Viper Python Clifford Passive Keyless Entry System 2102T by Directed Electronics Inc


Lock and Unlock You Vehicle Without Touching Anything!Your vehicle will unlock and disarm the factory security when you walk up to your vehicle. It will also lock and set your factory security when you walk away from your vehicle.Just keep the RFID tag in your pocket or purse. It will be detected as you approach the vehicle. Within a second, the system will unlock your doors and disarm your factory security.
Your holding a small child in one arm and carring someting in another and it raining and your vehicle is locked and now you need to get your keys out of your pocket or purse. Wouldn't it be great to just walk up to your vehicle and it unlocks, you open the door, put your stuff on the seat and get your child into the car seat and drive off!Don't you hate it when you have valuables in your vehicle and you can't remember if you locked your vehicle. Now you don't have to worry, it locks by itself!
Key Features:
Patented technology including encrypted RF communication for a secure data transfer
RFID tag with rolling code technology
Acute Permeter Sensing Technology(APS)Compatable with any Directed Security
remote start & hybrid SystemsCompatable with any universal Xpresskit interface modules
Lock command confirmed using parking lights and horn
Some vehicles may require additional parts


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