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Fortin-CAN Bus Data Interface Kit - Self Learning

fortin can bus data interface kit with self learning
This module has been replaced with the EVO-CAN. The CAN-SL2 is a Can Bus interface control module for more than 600 vehicle models from 2000 through 2010. It is a transponder bypass that will also allow you to control the electric door locks, factory alarm, heated seats and other available options including a tachometer output.

It is compatible with any remote starter and supports 2-way Datalink communication for a simplified installation. Functionality varies depending on the vehicle. See vehicle application guide for supported features. 

Includes the new 2-way Data-Link communication port.
SAE approved dedicated controller and driver. No damage or network lockups even if the micro-controller fails.
20 Mhz CPU and software written in assembler for our industry
standard of quality and performance.
Advanced hardware and software protection has been built in to
ensure state-of-the-art stability.
Consumes only 3mA at rest to prevent battery drain and functions at very low temperatures.
Reset circuitry to ensures proper operation over all battery voltages, which makes it more stable at low voltages than remote car starters.
2 step programming procedure.
Simplified and fool-proof installation instructions.
Self-Learning algorithm allows the module to detect the type of vehicle and adjusts automatically.
Designed and tested by ex-installers and is continually being
updated to support more and more vehicles which currently has
more than 120 different years, makes and models.
Estimated install and program time is less than 15 minutes.
See for more information.
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