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Mercedes Catalytic Converter Van Security Alarm System

At LCA extensive research has been carried out on the ever increasing problem of Catalytic Converter theft. All the methods used to steal catalytic converters have been tested with the CATT to ensure that any attempt made by a thief to remove the catalytic converter will be met with the vehicle horn sounding and flashing lights. The CATT is designed to trigger a number of additional security devices including the vehicle’s existing alarm, tracking, pager/texting and fleet management systems.
The CATT is a totally universal product enabling it to fit any vehicle with any size of catalytic converter. The CATT has two special sensors which are fitted to the vehicle’s exhaust system and takes only a short time to install.
The special sensors are harmonically tuned to the type of frequencies generated on the vehicle’s exhaust system when an attempt to cut, burn or un-bolt the catalytic converter is made. Any attempt to remove or interfere with the sensors or wiring will result in an immediate alarm condition making the CATT totally secure.
Mercedes Catalytic Converter Alarm System Mercedes Catalytic Converter Alarm System
Complete All-In-One Solution For Catalytic Converter Protection
Universal Fitting For All Types Of Vehicles
Fits 12/24Volt Vehicles,Automatic Arm And Disarm
LED Visual Warning Of PROCATT Fitted
LED Indication Of Any Attempted Theft
Specifically Designed Sensors
PROCATT Is A Complete Catalytic
Converter Alarm System Capable Of Connecting To Additional Security Devices Already Fitted To The Vehicle
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