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Sterling Pro & Pro CL Car Alarm Remote Control Fob Programming Procedure



Programming service from £25


Introducing and Removing Transmitters

Both alarms can accommodate up to four transmitters. To teach transmitters to the system, proceed as follows :-
1. Turn the ignition on and off twice and then turn the ignition back on within a 7 second period.

2. LED fast flashes for 3 seconds.
3. After the 3 second flashing, there is a 1 second break
4. Count the flashes and turn the ignition off after the number of flashes equal to the PIN code.
5. Turn the ignition back on and press button 1 on a new transmitter to teach it to the system.
6. Turn the ignition off
7. Leave the ignition off for 10 seconds to exit or turn the ignition back on to enter software switch routine.



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