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Toad Ai600 Car Alarm Remote Control Fob Programming Procedure


Toad Ai600 Car Alarm Remote Control Fob Toad Car Alarm Ai600 Touch Key Image Toad Ai600 Car Alarm Remote Control Fob

Programming service from £25


The options for each of the Ai600 settings are marked on the sticker on the base of the unit. If a setting is changed, the unit needs to have power disconnected and restored before the change comes into effect so it is best to set the dip switches as required before applying power to the system.


Door open signal 1 +ve switching -ve switching
Passive arming 2 Alarm armed manually only Alarm arms 45s after door close
Silent arm/disarm 3 Chirps off Chirps on
Closure pulse length 4 10s pulse on white wire 20s pulse on white wire
Locking pulse length 5 4s 0.5s
Auto lock 6 locks doors 45s after ignition on Auto locking disabled
Panic mode 7 Panic operational Panic disabled
To teach the system a new tag or radiokey (‘key’)
• Arm then Disarm the system then turn on, and leave on, the ignition.
• Within 10s open a door.
• Within 10s of opening the door press and hold button one on any valid radiokey (or hold a valid tag in thetag decoder) for three seconds.
The system is now in learn mode and the buzzer will beep once as confirmation. When in learn mode the
LED flashes orange quickly.
• Press button one on the new radiokey or introduce the new tag. The system will exit learn mode as
Test that the radiokey or tag operates the system to ensure the procedure has been successful.
The Ai600 can store any combination of tags and radiokeys up to a total of 8.
The same process is used to delete keys if a customer loses one. If the same key is taught to your system
6 times, then the codes of any other keys - including the lost one - will be deleted from the system.
Therefore, using a valid key, repeat the learning process described above 8 times - this will leave this key
as the only one recognised. Once you have done this, any other keys you have should also be taught to the system.
The radiokey case is designed resist damage, and to locate together without the need for screws. This
does mean that some care is necessary to change the batteries. In order to not damage the radiokey, use
a coin to open the case, starting at the bottom near the loop for the key ring and twist. The case will then
open easily. When the case is closed, press evenly around the join to ensure all the catches and buttons
have located.



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