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Cobra Trackers

About CobraTrak

European Coverage
CobraTrak utilises the power and reach of GPS (global positioning system) satellites combined with GSM mobile communications to provide an effective European-wide tracking system. Used in conjunction with our 24-hour control room, we assist the police in the location and tracking of your stolen vehicle quickly and efficiently.
New CobraTrak 5 combats Key Theft
The CobraTrak 5 system is supplied with automatic driver recognition (or "ADR") cards. The ADR card is a small plastic transponder card that must be kept separately from your vehicle keys (this card must be carried by the person who wants to drive the vehicle). On approaching the vehicle, this ADR card automatically informs the CobraTrak system to disarm. On leaving the vehicle, the card's distance from the CobraTrak system arms the system again. With key theft increasingly commonplace, the ADR card is protection against this means of vehicle theft.
CobraTrak 5 has also been developed to include the option of 'Remote Operation' (RO) which means that if your vehicle is stolen, it may be remotely instructed (by the 24 hour control room staff in conjunction with the relevant police authority) to immobilise the vehicle once it becomes stationary. This is an additional feature to minimise any damage to the vehicle, to deter thieves and protect other members of the public from such things as high speed chases.
How CobraTrak Works

What happens when my vehicle is stolen?
In the event of a theft alert, the Cobra 24/7 control room will contact the owner of the vehicle. On confirmation by the vehicle owner of an actual theft, the control room will begin tracking and monitoring the vehicle on their control screens and will liaise with the police to help recover the vehicle.
With CobraTrak, a theft may be reported by the vehicle user or may be alerted by a movement device integral to the device installed in the vehicle.
With CobraTrak 5, the above applies with the addition of alerts if the vehicle is taken with no ADR card present. An alert is triggered in the control room and the owner is contacted to verify the theft.
Both systems operate across Europe.
Key Features CobraTrak
Quality stolen vehicle recovery system from the leaders in vehicle security
European-wide coverage Accurate GPS / GSM technology
Full Cobra technical backup and support
ISO 9002 quality standard accredited company
TS 16949 automotive industry quality standard
Movement alert
Module tested to Thatcham Category Q

CobraTrak 5

All of the above plus:
Automatic driver recognition cards
Option for 'remote operation' to immobilise the stolen vehicle
Tested and listed in the New Thatcham Category 5

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