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Directed Canbus Car Alarm/Upgrades


Directed 3901T Canbus Alarm

Directed 3901 T

Controller Area Network
Communication Protocol for microcontrollers
Each controller performs specific tasks
3 CAN types
Single and 2 Wire
Fault Tolerant

CAN is a standardized communication protocol used by automakers to control the vehicle’s electronic systems.

Advantages that CAN brings for car manufacturers:
Quality improvement
Cost reduction
Fewer wires and reduced human labour
Production Time Decreases
System flexibility
Advanced Diagnosis

The compatibility between analog (hard wired) security systems and cars using CAN protocol dramatically decreases as automakers continue to adopt CAN.

Issues with hardwired analog systems:
Difficult to install new security systems on new cars
Increased install time
High of Damage Risk to car’s electronics
No certain success

Interface with CANBUS is the FUTURE of Security and Convenince.

New CANBUS enabled systems from Directed add full security to the factory keyless entry system.
Directed CANBUS security upgrade systems are vehicle specific. They are programmed with vehicle specific firmware that communicates directly with the OEM CANBUS system to monitor and interact with the electronic functions of the vehicle.
Three hardware platforms cover the three types of CANBUS systems currently in use by OEM vehicle makers; FT, SW, and HS.
Directed’s CANBUS systems use certified CAN transceivers to insure accurate communications without data collision and work seamlessly with all factory electronics. Directed systems do not use “bit bang” data messages on the OEM bus.

Directed CANBUS security systems use the OEM keyless entry remote to control arm and disarm via the vehicle’s CANBUS system, communicating with the vehicle via ultra secure, high-speed digital data.*

Door, hood, trunk, and ignition protection.
Built-in Stinger® Doubleguard® Shock Sensor
Revenger® 6-tone Siren
Failsafe® Starter Kill
Superbright LED
Parking Light Flash
Horn Honk Output
AUX Output
Optional Sensor Input (MUX) Port

Directed CANBUS security systems are all Remote Start compatible and can be used to activate a 561T remote start module.
*(Some features not available on all vehicles)

CANBUS allows the Directed system to communicate with the vehicle via high speed digital data, through either a single wire or a twisted pair, which ensures a robust connection with minimal wiring connections to the vehicle.
Connection to the CANBUS eliminates the need for many of the analog necessary in traditional, hard-wired, security systems cutting the installation time, in many cases, down by as much as 50%.
CANBUS communicates with most of the electronic security and convenience systems throughout the vehicle, so the alarm remains in-sync with the vehicle at all times.
When the vehicle is equipped with a factory security system, it works in sync with Directed CANBUS security system and all factory functionality is retained.

Faster installation time, increased reliability, perfect interface with OEM systems.


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