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Autowatch 172Rli


Autowatch 172Rli
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The Autowatch 172RLi  thatcham approved cat 2 security system incorporates several sensing systems to protect your vehicle when upgrades with siren and sonics. Each time the system is turned on, these sensing systems start to monitor the vehicle and if unauthorised interference is dected, the alarm system will be triggered. The system also features dual-circuit immobilisation to frustrate attempts to start the engine by hot-wiring. Even if the battery is disconnected or the power supply wires are cut, the self-powered siren will continue to sound.


Two 1 button Remotes
Autolock/Unlock (when upgraded to alarm)
Accessories output  autoactivate
Dual park light relay
5 Pin Coded overide
Auto bypass (trigger)
Auto arming
Event total recall
Dual Point Immobiliser
Anti-Code Grabbing Technology
Bright LED Status Indicator
Total Closure capability( Optional Relay Required )





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