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Sniper X2 2 Way Car Alarm System


sniper x2 2 way car alarm remote control image


The Sniper X2 2 Way Car Alarm Security System

Built to the highest standards the Sniper X2 offers comprehensive protection against vehicle theft or intrusion. The X2 is a fully upgradeable alarm system providing excellent security with two stage shock sensor, door, boot and bonnet protection, engine immobiliser and flashing warning LED plus a host of extra features normally only found on much more expensive systems. The pager remote control has a range of up to half a mile in open space and will alert you audibly and visually if the alarm is activated, even telling you which sensor has triggered it.

Two Stage Protection: The two stage shock sensor allows the X2 to protect your vehicle before a break-in has even occurred. A light knock of bang will sound 3 chirps to warn the potential thief that the vehicle is alarmed as well as triggering the pager remote control to alert you. A heavier attack will sound the alarms full siren as well as sounding the pagers alarm.

Supplied complete with full instructions anyone competent with auto electrics will be able to install the Sniper X1.

1 x 2 way pager remote control with LCD display
1 x standard 4 button remote control with blue LED
120dB 6 tone siren
2 stage shock sensor with warn off
Bonnet & boot protection
Universal remote central locking
Comfort closure
Engine immobiliser
Passive arming Passive door locking
Boot release output
Arm/Disarm confirmation chirps
Silent arm/disarm facility
Flashes hazard lights on arm, disarm and alarm activation
Flashing warning & status LED
Anti-hijack facility
Auto re-arm

Ignition locking

Panic alarm
Arm condition memory
Intrusion indication
Emergency override
Valet mode
Include fitting instructions and window stickers







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