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Window Tinting



Car window tinting is one of the best ways to improve the look of your vehicle. It adds style and elegance to the appearance and also has other benefits: window tinting improves safety (cuts UV rays, reduces injury risk from broken glass)

Window tinting helps to maintain the value of your vehicle (reduces interior fading), and vehicle tints also offer increased security and privacy.

Window tinting can be done in a variety of different shades and light transmitting levels.




Light Smoke
Quite subtle, for that touch of distinction.

Enriches the colour of the car's glass, providing that extra bit of privacy.

For maximum privacy and security for rear-seated passengers.

Improves appearance, Reduces glare, Reduces heat, Protects against UV rays, Increasesprivacy, Improves security.

All tint films are applied by using intensive heat which bonds the film directly to your glass. All window tinting is carried out by an experienced professional and backed by a life time guarantee.

Once you book your car in for window tinting you'll need to allow up to four hours for the completion of the vehicle tints work.



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